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About Max

He was only 4 years old. The sound of drums filled his house in the small and picturesque town of Nuenen, the Netherlands. There he had the attic all to himself, which he used for the exploration of new sounds and instruments. There wasn’t a single day that Max Gramser (1993) wasn’t occupied with making music. He wasn’t fully aware of his musicality back then, but the rest of the world already new what he would devote his life to

After graduating from high school, which he attended in Eindhoven, Max started a study called ‘Musician 3.0’ at the Utrecht Conservatory. He graduated with honours on 31 august 2016 . There he realized that busying himself with a great variety of musical projects was something he could learn a lot from. At this point he’s been the drummer and producer of pop act Koonian, who has signed a deal at the Sony/ATV record label. He played numerous gigs, including Paradiso, Amsterdam.
Max also played drums for ‘John Minor’, a 12 piece John Mayer tribute band. Recently, a DVD has been released that features the recording of “Wheels Up”, their latest show.

Currently, he’s working on multiple projects wich you can find on the projects page. And besides music he’s exploring the beautiful world of code. He works as as freelancer for multiple company’s to create web applications and websites.
Furthermore, he has used the pseudonym ‘Feddes’ since high school for making electronic music.
As a writer and producer, he has released several tracks and EP’s for Koonian, Mass & Feddes. He also works for Dutch broadcasting company ‘VARA’ (television and radio). Along with Sanne Gloria Verboom, he writes the music for parody/sketch program ‘Gloria Neemt Het Letterlijk’. He has already recorded around 50 tracks for this show and occasionally, the videos to his music score over 400.000 views on the internet. 3FM DJ Giel Beelen plays these in his show too.