Music for online commercial | Concept

The Story

At one day i was working in the studio, and ordered some food with Deliveroo. The “new” company that delivers you food from restaurants that have’nt have a delivery service themselves. So i was happy to get my favorite food brought at the studio. At the same time this Stevie Wonder track was going trough my had. And crazy as my mind goes. I made this connection. “Fresh Made Deliveroo” was born.

The next day, i decided to make the song for the commercial. And blindly pitch it. I called a singer and a guitarist, and we came up with this. A Fresh, new sounding version of Stevie Wonders Signed Sealed Delivered. Of course i know that it is nearly impossible to Sync a big track like this for a relative small company. But i loved the concept.

Content Creation

First i flooded myself with the branding of Deliveroo. What do they find important when they communicate to the outside world? Wich words do they chose, wich colors?


There is a lot of bright colors, and i read words like “tasty” and “fresh”. So i came up with a “fresh” poppy sound and used words in the lyric coming from the website.


Max Gramser – Arrangement, production, concept
Mylan Bangoura – Vocals
Judith Schut – Backing Vocals
Teun Beurskens – Guitars