The teacher can modify the environment to achieve these results. Online learning can also offer an effective environment that encourages better academic performance. Method In this study, a questionnaire on teacher-student interaction attitude scales was used. There is a multitude of ways in which to do this. Through a teacher administered questionnaire, students answered three Conducting a student questionnaire will allow us to study the social environment of a school. Although, the study also classroom environment as to its impact on student behavior and imple - menting changes to that environment is a three-stage process (see Figure 1). A good classroom environment can be designed to be excellent by having good social-emotional climate a teacher engage student hence making them see themselves as confident, worthy and capable in a classroom environment. Conclusion Assessment environments were found to differ widely in their defining characteristics and the way we assess students has a major impact on their learning. There are the students who are learning, the content that is being taught, and the environment in which all of this is happening. To facilitate the students, the questionnaire was ... which distract from the learning environment. This study investigates the impact of blended learning classroom environment on students’ satisfaction. The Classroom Physical Environment Responds to Students’ Learning Preferences. The study was carried out in Farhangian University, College of Hazrate Fatemah, Khuzestan Iran, for undergraduate students who were studying in the field of primary education. Conclusion: Effect Impact of Classroom Environment on Student Learning. 2. The physical arrangement of the classroom can affect both student and teacher behavior, and a well structured classroom management plan of design has the ability to improve learning and behavior. Issues of bullying, underage drinking, drugs, and the like might not seem apparent in the school hallways but it’s very much possible. 4. Relationships between perceptions of the classroom learning environment, approaches to learning and self concept as a learner were investigated. There are three main components that create a classroom. A classroom is a haven for many students living with adversity. It only takes one disruptive child to cause a problem for an entire class of students—something online learners don’t have to contend with. Well-being Article: The impact of classroom environment on student learning Recent research shows that well-designed classrooms can increase learning progress in reading, writing and maths by 16%. Overall, the classroom environment plays a crucial role in keeping students engaged and allowing them to be successful within the classroom. The volume of critical thinking and problem solving type of assessment is known to have a positive impact on the quality of learning outcomes. This thesis studied the effects of a student's location in the classroom versus their retention and application of newly learned material. The study's participants were students taking Regents Chemistry in a suburban school located in Upstate New York. Benefits of Student Questionnaires. The research identifies three design factors that help children get the best out of learning: naturalness, individualisation and stimulation. Many people focus on studying how students learn and how to make the curriculum exciting, but many teachers overlook how they can adapt their classroom environment to achieve greater focus and learning … Four hundred and eighty-four students from two metropolitan secondary schools completed the Learning Process Questionnaire, the Individualised Classroom Environment Questionnaire and the Learner Self Concept scale. When students learn online, they don’t have to worry about classroom distractions. In order to create an inviting, safe, supportive learning environment, using classroom management for the way you arrange your desks matters. It is also a place that is conducive to learning because it takes into consideration students’ needs and preferences.